Employer Covenant Checks

Is your fund at risk? How do you manage risk in your LGPS fund?



The effects of grant reductions and grant cuts has had a huge impact on public sector bodies, charities and admitted bodies. Increasingly we are seeing such organisations going into administration. More often than not these organisations still have pension liabilities within the fund.

Working together the LPFA and Eversheds offer a service that helps you effectively manage these risks to your fund. Our experienced staff have carried out annual employer covenant checks for over 170 fund employers.

To develop the covenant check further, the LPFA has recently developed wider sector covenant checks for Social Housing Associations, Charities, Schools, Academies, and Universities. These checks have been developed to ensure that all risks that might need to be addressed in a specific sector are highlighted.

If you would like to know more about the covenant check process then click here for further detail and also download the covenant check brochure. 


Employer Covenant Webinar

LPFA hosted a joint webinar with Eversheds on the 5th September 2014 to consider what funds can do to prevent pension liabilities falling on other fund employers.
A copy of the webinar slides can be downloaded here.