LPFA in the News Archive 2014

As an organisation LPFA will regularly feature in news articles, whether this is to do with topical issues around the Local Government Pension Scheme, or issues specific to LPFA. Have a look at some of the links below......


One huge pension pot is not a pot of gold - Financial Times, 1 December

Councillor Kieran Quinn, Chairman of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund, writes about LGPS reform.

Winning teams need successful individuals - PPMA blog, 26 November 2014

LPFA Chief Executive Susan Martin blogs about managing and retaining talent.

Funds for infrastructure lie on Cameron's doorstep - Financial Times, 19 November 2014

Deputy Chairman Sir Merrick Cockell calls on the government to include UK pension funds in conversations about UK infrastructure investment.

Collaboration can equal growth - The MJ, November 2014

Infrastructure is set to be a key area for pension fund investment, as LPFA chief Susan Martin explains.

Hedge funds under threat from penion fund rethink

LPFA chief Susan Martin discusses working with hedge funds.

Pensions battle to secure infrastructure deals - IFR, November 2014

Pensions battle to secure infrastructure deals - read the full article here.

LPFA Annual Report 2014 reports fund growth of £196 million - Media Coverage, October 2014

A roundup of coverage following our press release that our 2014 Annual Report has been published, recording growth in assets by £196m during 2013-14, to £4.9bn.

Altmann urges council pension funds to close £50bn deficit - The Actuary, September 2014

Local government pension funds need to work much closer together to close the estimated £50bn deficit across the 89 funds, Ros Altmann has said.

Altmann calls for pensions partnership to tackle deficits - Citywire, September 2014

Ros Altmann has called for UK public pensions to create a partnership to tackle rising pension deficits.

Cockell calls for lifting of pension investment restrictions - Public Finance, September 2014

LPFA Deputy Chairman, Sir Merrick Cockell, calls for lifting of pension investment restrictions.

UK needs public pensions partnerships - Pensions Age, September 2014

UK public pension funds need to work close together in order to reduce deficits and combat risk, according to Ros Altmann.

Ros Altmann calls for public pensions partnerships - Actuarial Post, September 2014

Ros Altmann, the independent pensions expert, has called for closer collaboration and partnership between UK public pension funds.

Altmann urges scheme mergers towards collective management - Financial Times, September 2014

Speaking at the LPFA Fund Member Forum, Dr Ros Altmann urged scheme mergers towards collective management.

Pension Funds as Asset Managers - Professional Pensions, August 2014

Pension fund partnerships are laying the foundation for schemes to offer their in-house expertise to third parties.

Pooling Pension Fund Investments - Adjacent Local Government, August 2014

Susan Martin talks about upcoming challenges and new initiatives for one of the largest UK pension funds.





Illiquids, fees and scale in our investment approach - Pensions Expert July 2014

LPFA: Illiquids, fees and scale in our investment approach - Director of Pensions, Mike Allen, talks to Pensions Expert, July 2014

Why the word "collaborative" shouldn't just apply to investment vehicles in the LGPS - The MJ, June 2014



Why the word “collaborative” shouldn’t just apply to investment vehicles in LGPS - The MJ, June 2014

London Pensions Fund pulls out of Brevan Howard - The Financial Times, June 2014

London Pensions Fund pulls out of Brevan Howard - The Financial Times, June 2014

LPFA: Why the government has missed a trick on reform - Pensions Expert, 7 May 2014

LPFA's Chief Executive Susan Martin argues the government's consultation on how local authority pension funds can benefit from working collectively does not go far enough. Pensions Expert, 7 May 2014

LGPS Valuations - Local Government Chronicle, May 2014

LPFA were one of the top performers in terms of deficit reduction following the latest triennial valuation of local government pension schemes.

Opportunities for collaboration, cost savings and efficiencies - Pensions Insight, May 2014

Susan Martin, Chief Executive of the London Pensions Fund Authority says  “opportunities for collaboration, cost savings and efficiencies” in LGPS could be missed. Pensions Insight, May 2014

Government’s Budget pension changes signal a willingness to change. - MJ April 2014

As we await the government’s response to the Call for Evidence on the future of the Local Government Pensions scheme, we can be sure that change is coming. MJ, April 2014

LGPS - The Final Furlong - Pensions Expert, March 2014

LGPS reforms are here, but several key milestones still await, says Director of Pensions Mike Allen.

Collaborative effort - Pensions World, March 2014

Susan Martin on the necessity for public sector schemes to work together for a brighter future.

Managing employer risk at the LPFA - Professional Pensions, March 2014

Tony Williams of the LPFA explains how the LGPS provider maintains standards in employer covenant checks.

Accurate GMP data key to payroll savings - Professional Pensions, February 2014

New regulations are set to make high-quality data even more important. James Wilday explains how the LPFA can help.

Pension funds can help to deliver infrastructure - The MJ, February 2014

More investment from pension funds could be used to help pay for infrastructure projects, Dermot McMullan of the LPFA told the Infrastructure Forum.

London eyes collaboration on pension fund investments - Financial News, February 2014

Almost three quarters of London’s borough councils, running pension funds worth at least £14 billion, have signed up to an initiative to create a collective investment vehicle in order to make savings on their asset-management costs.

It's all about the data - The MJ, February 2014

Susan Martin discusses how accurate information can significantly benefit the administration and investment functions of pension funds.

Learn to love your liabilities - The MJ, January 2014

Susan Martin examines the path to successful pension fund management.

Public pensions chief: we have to address long-term affordability - The Guardian, January 2014

Staff will have to pay more for longer, but will get good returns, says Susan Martin, CEO of the LPFA.

Susan Martin new LPFA CEO - Financial Times, January 2014

Susan Martin has been appointed Chief Executive of the London Pension Fund Authority after becoming interim chief last September.