LPFA In The News 2016

LPFA as an organisation regularly feature in news articles, whether this is to do with topical issues around the Local Government Pension Scheme, or issues specific to LPFA. Have a look at some of the links below...


Local Pensions Partnership creates £1.2bn UK property pool - July 2016

The Local Pensions Partnership is creating a £1.2bn “innovative property investment pool” with money from two local government pension funds.

UK Infrastructure Policy Summit - July 2016

Sir Merrick Cockell Speech: Updates from the Municipal Bonds Agency

Iona Biomass plant opening - July 2016

Sir Merrick Cockell Speech 

Sir Merrick Cockell Article for Insight June 2016

Sir Merrick Cockell "Pensions are a complicated business".

Coverage of recent GMPF & LPFA windfarm investment - March 2016

BBC  - SSE sells Clyde wind farm stake for £355m

The Gaurdian - SSE sells 49.9% stake in flagship South Lanarkshire wind farm 



The other side of the coin - March 2016

LPFA's Chris Rule chats to Pensions Age about public sector pension investment and the funds own investment processes

London local government looking to Northwest England to create a pension asset pool - Feb 2016

London local government looks to Northwest England to create pension asset pool

Striking a balance amid rising longevity - Feb 2016

Lancashire and London Pensions Partnership’s Michael O’Higgins on Striking a balance amid rising longevity.

Pension funds looking for infrastructure investments - Feb 2016

Pension funds looking for infrastructure investments, Chris Rule comments on infrastructure investments.


Collaboration Between Local Government Pension Schemes - Jan 2016

Chief Investment Officer Chris Rule and Investment Committee Chairman Tony Dalwood talk to Portfolio Institutional about the fund's plans for facilitating collaboration between local government pension schemes.

Creating an Ideal Partnership - Jan 2016

Sir Merrick Cockell article on Creating an Ideal Partnership