Fund Publications

The following sections outline LPFA's funding and investment policies:


Investment Strategy Statement

The Investment Strategy Statement (ISS) (formerly known as the Statement of Investment Principles) provides an overview of the responsibilities, process and conduct in the management of the LPFA pension fund investments. The ISS was approved by Board in May 2019.

Funding Strategy Statement

The purpose of the Funding Strategy Statement (FSS) is to establish a clear and transparent fund specific strategy which identifies how employers’ pension liabilities are best met in future years, to keep their contribution rates as nearly constant as possible and to take a prudent longer-term view of funding those liabilities. The final FSS was approved by the Board on 11 December 2019.

2019 Valuation Report

The 2019 Valuation Report has been finalised and approved by LPFA Board. This document provides details on the funding position across LPFA’s fund and outlines the assumptions used in the valuation process.  More information on the 2019 triennial valuation, including the 2019 Valuation Report, can be downloaded from here.

Please contact our Funding and Risk Director, Peter Ballard for further information.


Pensions Administration Strategy

The aim of the PAS is to ensure that both LPFA and its employers are fully aware of their responsibilities under the Scheme and to identify acceptable levels of performance. All employers have been asked to sign up to the PAS by 1st April 2010 and to comply with standards set by the Service Level Agreement. The ultimate aim of this strategy is to educate employers to provide accurate and timely data to LPFA which will improve the service provided to scheme members. Failure to comply however could result in a variation of the administrative element of the contribution rate an employer pays.

Please see the final version of the PAS documents which set out service standards expected to be met by both employers and LPFA.