To provide a high-quality cost-effective pensions service that meets the needs of our different employers and members whilst playing a collaborative role in the wider pensions world.

LPFA's Strategic Aim 

 The LPFA aim is to deliver LGPS pension services to a high quality and in the most effective and efficient way in terms of cost. In doing so, it is our intention that we continue to use LPP to deliver most of these services for us.

LPFA’s strategy is underpinned by the following three main pillars:

  • Evolution of Investment and Liability Management  
  • Partnership working and wider collaboration    
  • Operational Efficiency and robust shareholder activity

The LPFA reviews our Strategic Policy Statement every year for a rolling three year period. The latest version is published on under the Governance & Strategy section 


Our Behaviours

At the LPFA Board away day in September 2018, a discussion on our behaviours produced a refinement to our previous published outputs. This was based on an acknowledgement that the team supporting the Fund had significantly reduced in number but also that the Board itself had undergone some changes in terms of personnel and maturity as an effective governance body. Consequently, the following will be the foundation of our behaviours over the coming three years:

  • Be the Best: Striving to deliver the best for all our stakeholders;
  • Deliver Results: Focused on performance; be it from the Board, Officers, or wider LPFA suppliers and stakeholders;
  • Our People matter: we will set clear expectations and encourage people to deliver against these;
  • Accentuate Collaboration: Adopt a collaborative approach both internally and externally;
  • Act with Integrity: Build trust and promote openness.